This balance could be kept if we avoid the following unhealthy food

Food is a very necessary part of our daily life.it affects our health either positively as it provides our bodies with vitamins and nutrients, or negatively since it could be very hard to keep our diet well-balanced. This balance could be kept if we avoid the following unhealthy food.
To start with
1- fruit juice :
that can be 100% natural. Whereas, sometimes it contains high fructose, corn, and syrup. This latter can cause diabetes and obesity
2- doughnuts :
taste very delicious, but they contain a lot of calories which are harmful.
3- Bagels :
are made with white flour that is empty from the proper helpful fibers for the digestive system.
4- French fries:
are very full of sodium and calories that harm our health.
5- Fast foods:
are unhealthy quick meals because they contain calories and preservatives. So you should avoid them to have good health.
6-Potatoes chips :
are still loaded with preservatives and sodium just like french fries, but if you are fans of chips you can make it on your own in a healthy way.
7- Canned soups:
cause blood pressure and to avoid this illness you can make soups by your self knowing all the ingredients.
8- Flavored yogurt :
yogurt is good because it contains calcium. However, the flavored ones contain sugar. Thus the best choice is to buy light yogurt adding to it whatever you want.
9- Snack-bars :
are delicious but they are packed with preservatives.
Bacon is loaded with flour but also it contains fats which are unhealthy.
Hot dogs they packed with preservatives that cause cancer.
10- Pizza :
is not bad for you if it’s homemade. However, pizza delivery is filled with calories and preservatives.
11-Candy bars:
Although candy bard is consumed by everyone still lead to obesity.
Processed cheese is mostly vegetable oils. You should just stay away from the plastic version of cheese.
Sugary cereal


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