Protein Foods

Protein foods are sometimes overlooked in a food storage program simply because meats are expensive and it’s harder to find meats that can be stored effectively over the long term. Yet because we require a certain amount of protein to remain in good health, it’s important to stock protein-rich foods in your home grocery stores and to consume foods from this category regularly.

Canned Meats

I suggest you start with tuna and salmon in cans. Both are readily available, are generally popular with all family members, and are particularly rich in protein. Other items you might wish to stock include Spam, beef dices, beef stew, beef and rice, chicken dices, chicken chop suey, canned chicken, canned beef, canned ham, and canned sausage. Look for any other meat products that you might add to your other food storage items to make a good meal. For example, you might add canned ham to beans to make ham and beans. Tuna can be added to pasta to make a casserole. Beef chunks can be added to vegetables and spices to make stews. Chicken can be added to
noodles to make chicken and noodles or chicken noodle soup.

Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is considered a protein food. It doesn’t store as long as canned goods and dehydrated foods do because it contains oil, which can go rancid. Don’t store more peanut butter than you can rotate within a year.
You can also purchase dehydrated peanut butter powder through food storage companies. However, it is generally used for baking (commercial bakeries often use it). When mixed with water so it can be used as a spread it is pretty bland and simply isn’t as good as the real thing. You can improve the taste of dehydrated peanut butter by mixing a little vegetable oil with it.

Dehydrated Eggs

Dehydrated eggs are considered a protein food also. Dried eggs are great for long-term storage because you can use them in any recipe that calls for regular eggs.
They taste the same as fresh eggs and can be cooked just like scrambled eggs and omelets. Unless you have chickens, you won’t be able to get fresh eggs in an emergency situation.
Because dried eggs are such a great alternative, I feel it’s very important to store them.

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