How To Prepare an Evacuation Plan

If a disaster such as a fire, flood, or chemical spill is heading toward your home, its best to evacuate while you still have time. You may, in fact, be ordered to do so.

Therefore, having a plan for emergency evacuation is essential. Each member of the family should know exactly what to do.
Decide on a meeting place if you must evacuate quickly. Know ahead of time what you need to take with you, and have those items packed in your “72-hour kit” (as described later) and stashed in a convenient location so you can quickly grab them on your way out the door. Leave a note in a place where it can be easily seen to let absent family members or others who might come looking for you know where you are going.

In the event of a crisis such as an earthquake or tornado, decide ahead of time whichfamily member you will contact to let everyone know you are safe. Choose someoneliving in a different town or state who would not be involved in a local disaster. Call, orotherwise try to get a message through, to let that person know that you haveevacuated safely and where you are headed. If everyone in the family knows whom tocall, it will be less confusing, especially if anyone was away from home when you had
to evacuate.

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