How Poor Diet Shapes the Brain

High fat, sugar diet can damage the hippocampus – the foreign language worst impulses to unhealthy foods, occur.

Henry Molaison became famous for their ability to form new memories much to eliminate from your surgery to reduce the size of the hippocampus in 1953 in the annals of psychology. One of the special features of appetite was worth his attention. The presentation of the food on the plate, Molaison wraps, even if you have completed all the minutes before a meal. He not only remembers a meal.

influenced damage to the hippocampus, as people Molaison food reacts not be serious. A new study suggests that decisions about how much of what to eat is a change can affect in this brain region. To make matters worse, the danger to the hippocampus can come in a vicious circle that can improve your life for a poor diet.

Diet rich in saturated fat and highly dozens of simple carbohydrates, studies in animals and humans – some researchers have suggested that the change can be determined to learn a Western diet and call a doctor to the function of the hippocampus, a memory important. Obesity has become established in the area of ​​ brain connections changes.

Terry Davidson, director of the Behavioral Neuroscience Center at the American University in Washington, DC, examines how this change occurs. His research over the past 10 years has been released, it is recommended a diet high in fat, sugar is more connected to penetrate the blood-brain barrier (BBB). BBB leakage, which is associated with inflammation and brain-derived neurotrophic factor, hippocampus missing all the important proteins in the neuronal plasticity of the developing brain cells. The BBB is permeable easily damage the hippocampus, environmental toxins, and heavy metals.

This means that catch the eyes of a person an error, notes Davidson, who is learning and attention – is that it can play an important role, and then eat the way people can lead to deficits in memory. “You can make a difference in the Western diet control do hinder brain adapt, including behavioral changes, want to be able the most difficult people, you can stop the recording of reflection,” he said. “It may even contribute to better absorption of the Western diet.”

Psychology Professor Susan Hicks, University of Birmingham, UK is also concerned about the role of the hippocampus in response to the food queues with disabilities. “Hippocampus always keep us healthy response to hunger and food perspective, it is important to inhibit learning,” she says. “If you change the hippocampus have an influence on the immediate response.”

Hicks health goals a person can get when they check if they recently ate involves conscious decisions making, eating at the moment of his long and steady, rather than reacting habits than to eat them.

Other studies are easier to eat animals and humans Western diet in response to feed to external signals – is less food in the signal from your own body comes as a feeling of fullness. In a study published in the February 2017 published, researchers in Australia have found that people who ate breakfast less sensitive to sweet signals of hunger and satiety daily. Also, hippocampal-dependent tasks of learning and memory, perform the driven even after four days effects.

The development of the brain may be particularly vulnerable. Diet high in saturated fats, also discovering that these cognitive changes leaks caused by accreditation, tasks associated with hippocampal learning and memory at the age of 10 is produced in the course of life is associated with poor outcomes in children, and may even lead the brain to circulation excess beta-amyloid protein. Protein is an important component of amyloid plaques involved in Alzheimer’s disease.

In fact, says Davidson new data showing a relationship between the collapse and cognitive deficits in Alzheimer’s disease and started a BBB pathophysiology. “Our study is part of the XXI century, mankind most serious problems like obesity is facing and that the two are the branches of dementia bind,” he said.

can not, if the effect is to repair the Accreditation clear animal studies suggest that memory deficits reducing sports the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor stabilize Davidson says. Hicks and other psychologists have studied their effects could be compensated for help for physical damage to the training strategy, to eat through the act of deliberate process.

It may also be possible to train people to resist the psychological and physiological urges to eat high-fat, high-sugar foods. Let people stop eating junk food first: Still, the best way to stop the vicious cycle seems to be quite difficult.”


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