[Game of Thrones] season 1 to 7 the ultimate recap

Game of Thrones season 2

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Sean beans eldest son. Rob is upset about dad’s death so declares war with the Lannisters Roberts brother Renly thinks he should be king so declares war on the Lannisters Robert’s other brother Stannis thinks he should be king so declares war on Renly the Lannisters Rob stark religion MC Hammer and Christmas Stannis’s ginger bit on the side Melisandre gives birth to a whisper of evil smoke who kills Renly but none of that really matters Because when Stannis attacks King’s Landing later in the series Tyrion burns all his boats with magic fire and saves a city in the warmer place Daenerys crosses a desert and ends up in Qarth Where the city posh shows and Richard O’Brien impersonators trying to steal her dragons It doesn’t end well, and she leaves beyond the wall Jon Snow pretends to betray the Nights Watch and starts shagging a girl called Ygritte who constantly points out in a sexy northern accent that It’s because the wild folk in the north want to all live in the south because they’re terrified of the icy Zombie creatures called white walkers who appear at the end of the season to terrorize a fat boy called Sam in King’s Landing Cersei finds a new wife for jerk King Joffrey Margaery whose grandma is Diana Rigg Sean beans youngest daughter Arya has escaped the city with one of Roberts illegitimate kids and Sansa is held as a hostage Meanwhile, Sean beans son robbers captured Circe’s lover brother combo Jaime in battle But his own mum frees the Kingslayer in exchange for her daughters and sends imposing man Lady Brienne to guard him Oh mom. Tell me this isn’t true Finally former ward have Sean Bean Theon Greyjoy who has a fully working penis at this point Destroys Sean beans house and pretends to kill his two sons one of whom was crippled by Jaime Lannister Remember that and is now carried around by simpleton who can only say the word? 

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