Emergency Utilities and Fuel

Imagine what you would need if your power, lights, and heat went out for more than a few hours. We all know the inconvenience of brief outages, especially when they occur after dark or when we’re cooking dinner. And we’ve read newspaper accounts of people who freeze to death when they are without heat during a cold spell. We can well imagine the longer-term effects of being deprived of some of the utilities on which we
Electrical Outages When our electrical supply goes out, almost all of us lose the use of our lights as well as most appliances. The following is a list of items you would need to have on hand for illumination.

Using an Emergency Generator

Generators are an alternative source of power for short-term emergencies. They can be used as a backup source to your overall power supply or to keep single or selective appliances or circuits working. Generators, however, are expensive pieces of equipment and require a lot of fuel to run, making them an impractical alternative power source for extended outages. Storing the fuel required to run a generator is a problem as well.

Emergency Lighting Needs

  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Flashlight bulbs
  • Gas or kerosene lantern and fuel (with extra mantles)
  • Waterproof matches and regular wooden matches
  • Candles with holders
  • Liquid paraffin or 100-hour candles
  • Butane igniter or cigarette lighter
  • Other ___

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