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Everything You Need To Know To Keep Your Family Safe in a Crisis

We as a nation rely almost totally on grocery stores, delis, and restaurants for food. Yet if you were to ask a grocery store manager to tell you how long it would take to empty the shelves in a grocery store in the event of a crisis, the answer would be approximately two to three days; they just don’t keep that much on hand. People facing the threat of a shortage tend to panic and storm the grocery stores to buy anything they can get. And if there were a trucking problem, those shelves may not be filled again until the problem finally subsides.

Should famine, natural disaster, terrorist attack, or economic calamity prevent us from buying food in the grocery stores, we should be prepared to handle these emergencies ourselves. However, households in general seldom have more than a one-week supply of ingredients with which to make meals. If you had to live on what you have in your pantry for an extended period of time, you would soon wish that you had a well-rounded supply of nutritious and good-tasting food.

That’s why I recommend you stock your own home grocery store with a well-balanced supply of foods that includes all the ingredients you need to make your family’s favorite meals for three months. Once you’ve gathered that amount, I recommend you then expand your storage to grains, beans, rice, soups, bread-making ingredients, spices, condiments, fun foods, and dehydrated foods that could sustain your family for as long as a year.
Where you might ask, could I possibly keep that much food?
I believe you have such a place in your home—whether a pantry, basement, spare bedroom, closet, junk room, space under the stairway, or garage—and I suggest that you go to work transforming it into your own home grocery store and pharmacy.

Somehow you’ll get shelves in there—by building them, having them built, or buying them pre-built. It’s certainly doable, as many provident, forward-looking families can attest. Most Americans carry insurance for their business, house, car, health, and life. Home storage is insurance that you will be prepared for an emergency. It makes a lot of sense to me, and I sleep better at night knowing that my family is prepared.
That’s why I recommend that you, too, begin storing food for emergency use, and the reason I make this website.