14 Style Tricks Every Girl Should Try

«I have nothing to wear » « this shirt makes me look fat» to be honest every girl has this famous dilemma but Fortunately there are many simple tips to solve the problem and push away these thoughts from your mind.

14. only buy clothes you’ll actually wear, Yes it sounds easier said than done because we all find ourselves buying things we never put on later. It always happens when you find something on sale or an item with a very low price. Stop, it’s a catch because you’ll stock up your wardrobe with low-quality things you’re unlikely to wear. And if you do it’s hard to make up perfect ensembles because you weren’t planning to buy those yellow pants and have nothing to match them with. You just have to know how much of time you spend working, going out and staying home. This can help you understand what kind of clothes you need to put in your wardrobe. For example, you don’t need 8 blue dresses if you mostly work from home in your Pyjamas, right?
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